RGP-26: Sustainable strategy to scale TVL by attracting institutional investors to Lend/Earn


  • Ribbon needs a sustainable customer acquisition strategy to attract and retain liquidity in Ribbon Lend/Earn

  • Ribbon could attract large, institutional liquidity providers using a revenue-share mechanism

  • Attracting with institutional liquidity providers has tremendous advantages in terms of size and stickiness

  • Cinch Protocol’s app is specifically designed to implement temporary and customizable revenue-share logic & we have an network of institutional investors looking to deploy capital on chain

  • We’ve already connected established DeFi protocols with institutional liquidity providers within our launch partner program

  • Our proposal is to introduce the Ribbon team to our network of institutional investor launch partners to see if there’s a fit. This will cost nothing to Ribbon in time or resources.


The fastest way to grow the investor liquidity is to attract institutional capital. A few large investors can materially increase TVL. More importantly, institutional investors are reluctant to move funds once deposited.

The problem is that institutional investors are difficult to access: identifying the right institutions, getting access to them, and convincing them to trust Ribbon Finance is a difficult and lengthy process.

This problem is not specific to Ribbon Finance; customer acquisition is one of the more challenging aspects of managing and growing a DeFi protocol.

Cinch Protocol

Cinch Protocol’s mission is to help DeFi projects scale without issuing native tokens and to become the premier B2B go-to-market partner in the space.

Our platform helps protocols grow TVL by using revenue-based incentives to attract institutional investors. Protocols can design temporary, product-specific revenue-share opportunities that are easy to implement via the Cinch app.

We are in contact with many institutions that actively seek deployment opportunities on-chain: Aurora Fund, Crypto Yield Capital, DeZy, Flint, GSR, Outlet Finance, to name a few.

Cinch Protocol <> Ribbon Finance

We would like to invite Ribbon Finance to join our list of launch partners (costs nothing in terms of time or resources). As an early partner we will introduce the Ribbon Finance team to our network of institutional investors and will actively promote the Lend pools to new institutional investors we approach.

We make attracting institutional TVL as easy as listing an opportunity on our platform. Further, RBN token holders are not exposed to further dilution or sell pressure.

Benefits to Ribbon Finance

  • Clearly defined and actionable strategy to attract TVL to Ribbon Lend/Earn
  • Send strong signal to the market Ribbon Lend is a tier-1 lender
  • Creates pipeline of institutional investors for future liquidity needs
  • Sustainable exist liquidity for existing retail lenders
  • Promotable partnerships and brand affiliations with individual investors
  • No resources required from Ribbon Finance (time, capital, tokens, etc.)

Next steps

Our investor partners are actively seeking deployment opportunities like Ribbon Finance. We would be happy to introduce the Ribbon Finance team to these investors and are actively doing so with our other launch partners.

We look forward to receiving feedback from the community on this proposal.

Max LS

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