RGP-15: Reshuffling Ribbon DAO Multisig


Proposal to reshuffle the Ribbon DAO Multisig with a new compensation amount.


We propose to reshuffle the Ribbon DAO Multisig. Since September 2021, the Ribbon DAO has executed over 10 proposals, each of which required multi-sig execution. The original Multisig members can be seen in RGP-3.

The multisig will remain as a 4 of 6 multisig, and we propose a new roster of the following 6 members:

  • Julian Koh (Co-founder @ Ribbon)
  • Ken Chan (Co-founder @ Ribbon)
  • Chudnov (Engineer/Governance @ Ribbon)
  • Tom Schmidt (Investor @ Dragonfly Capital)
  • He Tao (Active community member, Ribbonati member, 2 chinese characters (🎀,🎀)²#8888 on Discord)
  • Snowsledge (Active community member, Ribbonati member, Snowsledge#0025 on Discord)

The 3 new members here are Chudnov, He Tao and Snowsledge. Here are some reasons why we have selected them:

  • Chudnov’s role at Ribbon is increasingly focused on governance, specifically on veRBN. He was instrumental in the design and mechanics of veRBN, as can be seen in Ribbonomics. We think that it makes sense for Chudnov to be on the multisig as well, to help execute transactions.
  • He Tao has been an active community member and Ribbonati member for many months. Other than being helpful in the Discord and answering many questions, he has also been extremely gracious to new Ribbon Discord members. For example, he helped users migrate from Ribbon V1 → V2 by subsidizing the gas out of his own pocket.
  • Snowsledge has been an active community member and Ribbonati member since the beginning. He has been actively evangelizing Ribbon both online and offline. He also has been in the crypto space for many years now, and has a strong reputation within the Singapore crypto scene.

We also propose payment of 1,000 RBN (currently ~$1,000) a month per member for their time and commitment to execute transactions on behalf of the DAO.


Each voter will be able to vote either “Yes” or “No”

Vote here now:

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