RGP-6: Divergence Whistleblower Bounty




As a follow-up from the Divergence incident, this proposal puts forward a bounty to reward @gabagooldoteth 5% of the amount returned by Divergence Ventures. The bounty amount is 174,574 RBN (or ~544,670.88 USD at time of post), which will be vested over 1 year starting from the bounty award date.


We use 5% of the amount returned in RBN and ETH by Divergence. To calculate the bounty amount for the ETH returned, we use the RBN per ETH price of 1223.3 (price on Uniswap at 19 Oct 2021 8.05am UTC). Please see the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 4.00.36 PM

This spreadsheet was used to calculate the RBN bounty amount.


Q: What is the vesting for the RBN bounty?
A: 1 year linear vesting, starting from bounty award date.

Q: What about other whistleblowers and activists like ZoomerAnon and Sisyphus?
A: We propose that we only award Gabagool, who first broke the news about airdrop farming. We will leave it up to Gabagool to divide it with the other contributors.


We will put up a Snapshot vote on Thursday, 21st October 2021. Below is a forum vote to understand the community’s choice.

  • Award Gabagool 174,574 RBN as a bounty
  • Do Nothing / Defer

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Hi all, just wanted to jump in to say:

  1. Thank you to the RIbbon team for authoring this proposal, setting what I hope can be an important standard for rewarding white-hat research efforts in the space, and to the community for your consideration of RGP-6: Divergence Whistleblower Bounty.

I am incredibly happy that this research led to the Ribbon treasury growing by a significant amount, and hope that these funds will help fuel Ribbon’s growth as a protocol in the months and years to come.

  1. If the community votes to award the bounty, I will distribute a % of this total sum to the individuals who assisted in the effort to research the sybil attack and pressure Divergence to return funds. I am going to discuss the exact amounts privately with the people involved. I will also allocate a portion of any bounty received to directly fund research into VC activity in DeFi and NFTs.

I will post a more thorough breakdown of the exact #s later today.


Well deserved! As promise, I’m voting yes and will vote on snapshot too. Great job again @gabagool


Love it! Well deserved


Well deserved, vote for yes


Great suggestion
I love the team


I voted yes. He really deserve this. Vested 1 year is good too, he will become a holder whith us.


Well deserved. An important part of any network or protocol is the social element where the community presents a defense. Gabagool raised and led this defence excellently.


I fully back this - a well deserved reward

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I love gabagool so YESSS king deserves it

N :heartpulse:


I voted yes. Well deserved @gabagool!


I voted yes. He really deserve this. Vested 1 year is good too, he will become a holder whith us.

I very much agree with this proposal, which will contribute to the development of our project