RGP-25: Ribbon Community Bounties


With Earn, Lend and now Aevo, Ribbon is growing fast. This growth, however, has not yet been accompanied by a greater spread of awareness of Ribbon’s existence among the public. The bear market is certainly playing a role in dampening the general enthusiasm, but we can all agree that Ribbon has lots of potential and deserves more attention.

As a community, we have always been characterized by the presence of capable and bright people. We believe the time has come to evolve our participation in the protocol by integrating and channeling these community qualities into a bounty system.


A community bounty system, designed to be as simple and self-directed as possible, marketing and community oriented.

Key elements:

  • 6 seasons per year, 2 months per season;
  • Each season is addressed by a Theme;
  • Two new Discord roles:
  1. Ribbonati Board: up to 4 Ribbonati volunteers or decided by Ribbonati vote if more than 4 come forward~ rotating every 3 seasons (6 months service) + 1 Team member
  2. Ribbon Campaigners: community members undertaking bounties.
  • Rewards: RBN rewards from DAO Treasury within a semiannual budget, voted by governance, split between Board and Campaigners

Seasons and Themes

Seasons last two months and follow the pattern of months from the solar calendar. Each season is based on a Theme.

The Theme is designated by the Team, based on the Ribbon areas they want to focus on, while it is up to the Board to identify the bounties that can best represent it.

Each season consists of two main phases:

  1. Team indicates the Theme, Board identifies the bounties (and related rewards) and publishes them on a specific Discord channel; this phase lasts two weeks.
  2. Community members (Campaigners) apply to perform one or more bounties and then perform them; this phase lasts from the publication of the bounties until the end of the season (~1 and half month)

During the second phase, the Board continually evaluates the work and adherence to delivery by community members. This is because different tasks may have different completion times.

New Discord roles

  1. Ribbonati Board: up to 4 Ribbonati, on a voluntary basis + 1 Team member. The term of office is 3 seasons, renewable after min. 3 season pause. Board decisions are made by majority rule. Board tasks:
  • Find the more effective bounties/solutions for the Season’s Theme
  • Strike the right balance between bounties appeal/quality/quantity and rewards (which are budget-constrained)
  • Evaluate the bounties results
  • Veto power over community members who apply for jobs.
  1. Ribbon Campaigners: Campaigners are community members who apply for one or more bounties of the season. The role is closely linked to their execution: if a Campaigner ceases to carry out assignments, the role is revoked.


RBN rewards: New roles are matched by an amount of RBN rewards from the Treasury. For Campaigners, these rewards are paid at the end of the season, in one lump sum, before the start of the following season. For Board members, rewards are established on a semi-annual basis and recognized in equal parts at the end of each season.

Proposed RBN rewards

  • 40,000.00 RBN per season (120,000.00 RBN total for the three seasons):
  • 30,000.00 for Campaigners
  • 10,000.00 for the Ribbonati Board

Board members split the rewards equally, Team members don’t get any RBN rewards.
Campaigners split the rewards depending on multiple factors:

  • Amount of bounties performed
  • Complexity of bounties performed (different ones will have different rewards, as decided by the Board)
    In the event that not all bounties are accepted by Campaigners, the related rewards will be made available to Campaigners the following season.
    In the event that the results of one or more bounties are not deemed satisfactory by the Board, the related rewards may be decreased (never increased) and the difference made available to Campaigners the following season (edited)

Example of season flow

  1. Team establish the season’s theme
  2. Ribbonati Board decides and posts new bounties list + related rewards for the season
  3. Aspiring or established Campaigners pick up bounties
  4. Campaigners work on the assigned tasks
  5. By the end of the season the Board evaluates the results and assign the Campaigners role for the next season
  6. At the end of the season, Boards and Campaigners get paid in RBN
  7. The following season:
  • If a Campaigner picks up a new bounty, role get renewed
  • If a Campaigner does not pick a new bounty, the role will be revoked at the end of the season.

Bounties examples

  • In-depth Twitter Threads and blog (Medium, Mirror) posts production
  • Intern notes on events
  • Language specific community moderation and engagement
  • …wild marketing ideas…
  • Whatever clever ideas we come up with to spread awareness of Ribbon

For example, the first theme might be “Ribbon’s DOVs,” and for its development the Board might decide to create 3 bounties for creating weekly infomercial Twitter threads about vaults, 3 bounties for Medium posts that go in-depth on strategies, and 1 bounty for a new backtest on BTC.


This proposal will be posted on the new Discord Governance Forum for 5 days prior to voting. Voting will then be open on Snapshot for 2 days This vote will be a single choice vote. You may vote on the proposal by selecting “Yes, let’s do it” or “No, this is not the way”.